Friday, July 12, 2013

Stick Stick Stuck

Good-Bye horrible green bathroom floor!  We plan on eventually gutting the master bath for a tub, better vanity, and floors, but until then we simply had to get rid of the gross floor.  I know people have differing tastes, but YUCK!

A very inexpensive quick fixer-upper is stick on tiles.  They look nice, are easy to install, and work well as a temporary solution.  They are also great for first time apartments or college dorms.  Ollie's has a bunch and so does Lowe's.  We have become regulars at Lowe's since buying the house.  I can even "kind of" find my way around now.

The adhesive backing can become a hazard.  A few tiles stuck to our feet and the sticky residue stayed on our hands.  Thank goodness for Goo-be-gone.  If you don't have any you have to invest.  This stuff is amazing and is so useful for everything.

 The green floor that didn't match anything in the bathroom.


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