Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T-minus 18 days and counting

So very excited that the day is so near, but there is so much to do between then and now.  I cannot imagine if I had procrastinated.  Now I know why people become "bridzillas".  They are probably just ladies who did not invest in a Lilly planner and thus did not get things done ahead of time.

We need to get our marriage license still.  Obviously the courthouse isn't open when we are off work because that would make life too easy.  It is quite confusing to me that you must have a license to get married, to drive, to open a business, etc; but to have a baby and raise a child no one has to have a license?  Perhaps we are missing something there.

The bachelorette weekend was quite relaxing and fun.  I am not the girl who wants to head out to a male review or act a fool in a bar and think it is okay as long as I yell " I'M GETTING MARRIED" at the top of my lungs.  I enjoyed spending time with some ladies I don't get to see all the time because we are working and going to school.  It isn't really your last night as a single.  Your last night as a single was the night before you started dating the person you are about to marry.

On Sunday I attended my final bridal shower.  It was filled with my sorority sisters, past coworkers, and friends.  It was a pinterest and pearls theme. Very cute decorations including labeled mason jar glasses and a giant banner that said "Soon-to-be-Mrs.-G."  A bunch of the bridesmaids made delicious food.  It is so nice to feel all the love from those around you and to be able to share your joy and excitement with them.  This is a once in a lifetime milestone and I am enjoying every moment.  I feel bad for the women that "can't wait for it to be over"  they are too stressed.  This is a time of celebration not stress. 

Waiting until the last minute will kill you every time.  Planning and sending notice out early of wedding events ensures more people can attend and no one feels left out.  Plan out your crafting time so you aren't doing it the night before your big day.  Take advantage of your resources and free time you have in the months prior to your wedding or any event.  Some people may say its too early to buy things or do things, but the earlier you do them the less stress you have.  Also, breaking up the monetary expenses is kinder on your wallet.

ODU had an amazing game Saturday and we got to watch the last half (best half) from the comfort of the Big Blue Club.  I was amazed at the new way of pouring beverages.  There are magnets at the bottoms of the cups so they fill from the bottom and then the magnet seals them.  After the game mom and I finished table and seating assignments.  Th rehearsal dinner will have table and seating assignments since there are about 43 people we will be fitting into 6 tables.  I want everyone to have a great time and those who may not know many people to feel comfortable with who they are sitting with.  At the wedding we got all the table assignments done (everyone can pick their seat) and we got the seating assignments done for the head table. We tried to intermingle some of our friends so that no one would feel left out or awkward.  We want everyone to meet and greet and dance and have an awesome time with us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There's always room for JELLO

Only one more day of work between me and a wonderful weekend with my girls!  Poor Eddie has two more days.  I have had the worst time concentrating this week.  Between confirming RSVPs, confirming the limo for the guys, cleaning, and packing I could make "To Do" lists for days.

I am glad so many people have sent in their RSVP.  It is terribly hard to get anyone to confirm plans these days.  Society has gotten used to saying yes, but meaning maybe and saying no, but still showing.  In formal occasions people have to know a definite yes or no.  It has such a large affect on every detail.  It effects, seating, favors, food, booze, etc.  Facebook events (as much as I love them) have killed the traditional invite, but please NEVER create a facebook event to invite your wedding guests.

Eddie kept telling me all week there was no need to clean, that the guys wouldn't care.  Every girl knows your house is a reflection of you.  And even though guys "dont care"  I am sure it would raise and eyebrow or two if our apartment was covered in laundry, shoes, and dishes while they were trying to pregame. Also,  I am washing extra blankets and sheets so anyone who needs can crash at our place. During cleaning tonight I made jello shots as my gift to the guys.  Since most jello is half boiling water & half cold water I simply replace the amount of cold water with a different liquid.  They are called jello SHOTS for a reason.

Tomorrow night Emily and I are finishing gathering everything for the weekend and baking.  I already have two totes going down with us but to be fair they are filled with gifts, beverages, and "must have" foods for the weekend festivities.  Mainly all that's left is packing up the dog to go to my parents.  I figured it wasn't fair to leave Eddie to take care of her while he is also trying to celebrate.  A dog is very similar to having a kid and so just like kids our pup is going to her grandparents for the weekend!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall is in the Air

Football, chilly mornings, and the over abundant posts about pumpkin spiced anything can only mean one thing..FALL!  I am totally up for fall to be here as long as it waits until Sunday.  This weekend Ed and I both have our Bachelor/bachelorette parties.  We are in need of warm weather please.  I never know why these kinds or parties get such stigmas and become taboo to talk about.  I am excited and so is Ed.  He is spending the day here and going our with friends.  I am leaving town with some amazing ladies and then Sunday he and I will catch each other up on our weekend shenanigans. 

My computer is my life.  Yes I back things up on email and a hard drive but still whenever there is a malfunction I panic.  Last night I went to add the latest RSVPs to our spreadsheet, but my laptop wouldn't turn on and then Ed's crashed on me.  His is now fixed and we had to take mine in.  The power cord was dead.  I had to wait in a line to be registered to now wait in another line to then be told one moment to then be told that would be $79.99.  FABULOUS.  The lovely gentleman did come to my rescue though and found a forgotten about cord behind the counter and spared me and my $79.99 from having to part ways.

If the frustrating computers weren't annoying enough we woke up this morning to a non functioning Keurig.  This did give me an excuse for Starbucks, but driving with only one eye open is probably not what DMV wants you to do.  After the computer was fixed we took the broken Keurig back and easy as 1,2,3 they gave us a new one and FREE coffee and then of course I bought coffee because I'm a snob and need MY preferred morning caffeine fix. 

This past weekend I got to catch up on some much needed sun in my life.  I got to meet Elle's sister and have a great girls day on the bay.  I had wanted to continue the fun by laughing at Karaoke with them later that evening, but I party so hard I was in bed by 630pm.  Dang migraines make themselves known at the most inconvenient times.

Sunday was a sweet bridal shower.  Literally there were tons of SWEETS.  Chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, and Chex mix.  Red velvet mini cakes and petite fours.  So many yummies that I brought a bunch into work to put a little pep in the step of Monday.  It was great to see everyone and Ed's mom and Mutti both were able to join.  It was great to share stories and acquaint everyone prior to the wedding itself.

Coming home and being able to have all the windows open while I finalize wedding plans is great.  Fresh air throughout the house and the sounds of crickets chirping are two of the most relaxing things in the evening.  Soon I have to finish up favors.  I have about half done and want to finish the other half before this weekend's endeavors.  I hope Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday are pals and fly by for us.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


First rule:  When your work goes back to regular dress code after a summer of casual and you begin wearing heels again you MUST remember band-aids to sooth your soon to be achy feet.  I love my shoes but sometimes they don't love me back.  Eventually we come to an understanding of I won't hurt them if they won't hurt me, but until then its band-aids to the rescue.

Today we got our first not attending RSVPs.  Everyone, who couldn't attend added a sweet note wishing Eddie and I a lifetime of love and happiness.  That just filled our hearts with love.  Sometimes the reason and meaning for a wedding is over looked.  Weddings have become events and thought of as parties. The sacred traditions get shoved to the back.  All anyone can remember is the cake and the dancing and sometimes they don't remember the most inmportant parts like vowing to always love and cherish.  A wedding is when two souls are so in love and so connected that they cannot be apart.  Two people pledge their love, their loyalty, their trust, and their friendship from now into eternity in front of family, friends, and god. 

This is a day when the only people who should attend are those who wish you both well.  People with positive energy and who support the joining of your two lives and two families into one.  No one is entitled to an invite and sometimes that can lead to hurt feelings.  There is no rule book about who to invite, what you have to do, who has what "job" in the wedding.  Each couple gets to make and design the perfect day for them.

You can't invite everyone you ever met unless money in no object.  Weddings can get pricey so be sure you are selecting guests carefully.  Make sure they love you both.  Make sure they want to celebrate not only with you, but also for you.  This isn't simply one giant party where everyone you know attends.  Yes, it can be an amazing party but that is after you make a lifetime commitment to the love of your life.  It is a serious act and you want people who take it seriously to witness this wonderful moment in your lives.

This evening we got to enjoy NEVER ENDING PASTA.  So good, but such false advertising.  It does end because eventually you are so full you can't even stand up.  Eddie's mom met us and we had a great time talking.  It is always great to be able to catch up and share a meal with family members for no reason other than to see one another.  It doesn't have to be a holiday or event to spend time with family. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


After a rather hectic day all I wanted was a hug and a Marg.  I came home and Eddie was wearing his shirt that has a bear on it and say "hug?" and then we went out for Mexican.  Its like it was fate.

I enjoy little week night outings.  It makes the week a tad more fun.  Its also nice to have mini date nights then and again to break up an ordinary Wednesday. Last week Eddie and I had a date night at "Wackie Wednesday" movie nights.  We truly love spending time and talking with each other.  I recommend all couples make a conscious effort for mini dates.

We are now up to 27% of all RSVPs.  Yes, I am a math nerd with percentages and formulas in my wedding excel sheet.  Eddie and I are trying to decide if we want to purchase wedding gifts for one another or treat each other to a spa day or excursion on the cruise.  I remember a man at the hotel once had Adirondack chairs shaped into flip flops for him and his soon-to-be wifey.  Super cute!

I just finished sending a message to all the lovely ladies joining me for my bachelorette weekend.  I am so lucky to have so many people wanting to celebrate and have fun.  I wanted to reach out to everyone to let them know my excitement plus now everyone can find each other on facebook if they want so people that haven't met can have a vague idea of one another. 

Tomorrow is Friday Eve make it great!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

14 RSVPs

Yay!  Nothing brightens up a Monday (Tuesday thanks to Labor day) like hearing more RSVPs arrived stating YES they will be attending!  It was very cute because some had little notes like "can't wait to share in your day" and "will be there with bells on".  We gave our guests two ways to RSVP.  We included the traditional return card and prestamped envelope, but also had a link added to our website so guests could RSVP online.  I know I personally am horrible and re-mailing those little cards so we assumed other people were too.  Hopefully this cuts down on calling people who don't RSVP.

Mondays are no ones favorite day, but when you realized your dreaded Monday is already at Tuesday it can put a little pep in your step.  Had to go get the puppy dog from my parents this evening.  We left her there last night so maintenance could come look at the leak they claimed they fixed last year.  Its still leaking and now the door frame and wall can be pushed inward.  The maintenance guy showed up with a ladder and a tiny cup of paint after Eddie was already home (really?!?!?).  I cannot wait until Eddie is our handyman and it is our house we are in.  We now have to get Maggie out of the house for another day so they can actually fix the leak and repair the damaged areas.  Hopefully they at least bring a larger bucket of paint or I don't know actual tools.

After a three day weekend catching up on work and emails can make a girl type so much she thinks her keyboard is going to ignite!  It was very cute seeing everyone's facebook statuses about first day of school, last first day, or first day of school as the teacher.  I wish everyone luck.  I remember I was always so excited to meet my teachers and start school ( at least in elementary and middle school).

We have been watching national BBQ cook-offs on TV for days and since we can't go out for BBQ we did the next best thing and had some at home.  I also made deviled eggs  (extra paprika and some Tabasco give them a great kick).  Ed made some of his amazing potato salad.  Poor Maggie did everything but lick the food right out of our hands.

I was talking to a gentlemen today who is also getting married.  He applauded my planner and how under control I had everything.  His wife is apparently in full on panic mode with too much too do at the end.  I fully suggest a time line in a planner and trying to have everything major done 2 months before the wedding and all minor things planned to be done a full 2 weeks prior to the wedding.  Even though you plan this doesn't mean everything will go accordingly, but it gives you a fighting chance.  I adore my planner and any chance to use it really, but it is a very useful and much needed tool.  Also, if you are afraid to write out time lines of events and/or when to buy things because you don't want big cross out lines all over the planner if things get rearranged try using post-its for tentative things. 

Today I heard from a couple of the ladies joining me for my bachelorette weekend.  We are taking a girls trip to my favorite place.  I am beyond thrilled.  We are all praying to mother nature to allow us to lay in the sun all day.  Pale doesn't go well with a white dress or perhaps the short hot pink one strapped dress I tell Eddie is my wedding dress.  I prefer sun kissed.

Monday, September 3, 2012

40 days and counting....

This weekend was the first game of the season and the Monarchs rocked!  57-23 ain't too shabby for the first game.  Tailgating was delicious and I made Eddie use our wonderful beer coozies that use the saying "Eat, Drink, and Be Married".  We will only be attending one more game as "singles". 

I don't understand that saying though, we aren't single.  We haven't been single for almost 6 years now.  I always secretly giggle when you see or hear things relating to bachelor and bachelorette party's that state "their last night as a single".  Hopefully they have been taken for a while now and they aren't meeting someone at these events and then marrying them.

We are in the home stretch of everything wedding and it is incredibly fun.  It is often said that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you can do.  If it is then perhaps you're doing it wrong or those around you are forgetting this is your day not theirs.  We are having a blast.  Mom and I struck gold today with regards to our wedding favors!  They were a true beach find.  I am so excited to start crafting them in the next few weeks.  It seems like many things in this wedding involve shimmer or glitter.  Poor Eddie keeps finding glitter on himself.  He is not as pleased as me to find glitter in his hair. 

I feel bad for those that sit near me at work because for the next several weeks I am going to be a ball of energy and a very "Chatty Kathy" or Chatty Caitlin in my case.  I am always chatty, but throw in wedding fun and you may as well place a fashionable (perhaps hot pink Zebra striped) piece of duct tape across my mouth. 

Next weekend I get to have bridal shower #2.  I love seeing all the women from my past and present in one room.  Everyone sharing stories and intermingling makes for a fabulous time. Also, it allows everyone to get better antiquated prior to the wedding to avoid awkwardness that day.  Everyone will know someone and enjoy the evening more.

We sent out our invitations this week and I am absolutely in love with them.  If you are planning a wedding or any event I strongly recommend using the same place I did.  I'd be happy to share their name.  Also, I was dreading feeding all the envelopes through the printer to make the addresses all pretty especially since I write like a 6 year old.  We attended to a wedding last summer and they had hired someone to do their addresses for them.  I LOVED the idea and asked for a recommendation.  The sweetest older lady who "just love(s) writing"  runs a small business from her home addressing stationary.  She was amazing and efficient and had a great eye when it came to catching errors on the list I gave her.

I have decided for the most part to only assign tables at the wedding and not specific seats except when it comes to the head table.  We will be having the entire bridal party and their dates at one giant table.  I hate when dates are sat at another table.  It can be awkward and uncomfortable.  Soon I get to play who sits with who and plan the tables for the groups of people.  I want to intermix everyone a little bit so that everyone wants to get up and socialize and most importantly DANCE DANCE DANCE.  I am not skilled at dancing, but cannot wait to just have fun the whole night with Eddie and all of our loved ones.