Wednesday, September 5, 2012


After a rather hectic day all I wanted was a hug and a Marg.  I came home and Eddie was wearing his shirt that has a bear on it and say "hug?" and then we went out for Mexican.  Its like it was fate.

I enjoy little week night outings.  It makes the week a tad more fun.  Its also nice to have mini date nights then and again to break up an ordinary Wednesday. Last week Eddie and I had a date night at "Wackie Wednesday" movie nights.  We truly love spending time and talking with each other.  I recommend all couples make a conscious effort for mini dates.

We are now up to 27% of all RSVPs.  Yes, I am a math nerd with percentages and formulas in my wedding excel sheet.  Eddie and I are trying to decide if we want to purchase wedding gifts for one another or treat each other to a spa day or excursion on the cruise.  I remember a man at the hotel once had Adirondack chairs shaped into flip flops for him and his soon-to-be wifey.  Super cute!

I just finished sending a message to all the lovely ladies joining me for my bachelorette weekend.  I am so lucky to have so many people wanting to celebrate and have fun.  I wanted to reach out to everyone to let them know my excitement plus now everyone can find each other on facebook if they want so people that haven't met can have a vague idea of one another. 

Tomorrow is Friday Eve make it great!

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