Tuesday, September 4, 2012

14 RSVPs

Yay!  Nothing brightens up a Monday (Tuesday thanks to Labor day) like hearing more RSVPs arrived stating YES they will be attending!  It was very cute because some had little notes like "can't wait to share in your day" and "will be there with bells on".  We gave our guests two ways to RSVP.  We included the traditional return card and prestamped envelope, but also had a link added to our website so guests could RSVP online.  I know I personally am horrible and re-mailing those little cards so we assumed other people were too.  Hopefully this cuts down on calling people who don't RSVP.

Mondays are no ones favorite day, but when you realized your dreaded Monday is already at Tuesday it can put a little pep in your step.  Had to go get the puppy dog from my parents this evening.  We left her there last night so maintenance could come look at the leak they claimed they fixed last year.  Its still leaking and now the door frame and wall can be pushed inward.  The maintenance guy showed up with a ladder and a tiny cup of paint after Eddie was already home (really?!?!?).  I cannot wait until Eddie is our handyman and it is our house we are in.  We now have to get Maggie out of the house for another day so they can actually fix the leak and repair the damaged areas.  Hopefully they at least bring a larger bucket of paint or I don't know actual tools.

After a three day weekend catching up on work and emails can make a girl type so much she thinks her keyboard is going to ignite!  It was very cute seeing everyone's facebook statuses about first day of school, last first day, or first day of school as the teacher.  I wish everyone luck.  I remember I was always so excited to meet my teachers and start school ( at least in elementary and middle school).

We have been watching national BBQ cook-offs on TV for days and since we can't go out for BBQ we did the next best thing and had some at home.  I also made deviled eggs  (extra paprika and some Tabasco give them a great kick).  Ed made some of his amazing potato salad.  Poor Maggie did everything but lick the food right out of our hands.

I was talking to a gentlemen today who is also getting married.  He applauded my planner and how under control I had everything.  His wife is apparently in full on panic mode with too much too do at the end.  I fully suggest a time line in a planner and trying to have everything major done 2 months before the wedding and all minor things planned to be done a full 2 weeks prior to the wedding.  Even though you plan this doesn't mean everything will go accordingly, but it gives you a fighting chance.  I adore my planner and any chance to use it really, but it is a very useful and much needed tool.  Also, if you are afraid to write out time lines of events and/or when to buy things because you don't want big cross out lines all over the planner if things get rearranged try using post-its for tentative things. 

Today I heard from a couple of the ladies joining me for my bachelorette weekend.  We are taking a girls trip to my favorite place.  I am beyond thrilled.  We are all praying to mother nature to allow us to lay in the sun all day.  Pale doesn't go well with a white dress or perhaps the short hot pink one strapped dress I tell Eddie is my wedding dress.  I prefer sun kissed.

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