Monday, September 3, 2012

40 days and counting....

This weekend was the first game of the season and the Monarchs rocked!  57-23 ain't too shabby for the first game.  Tailgating was delicious and I made Eddie use our wonderful beer coozies that use the saying "Eat, Drink, and Be Married".  We will only be attending one more game as "singles". 

I don't understand that saying though, we aren't single.  We haven't been single for almost 6 years now.  I always secretly giggle when you see or hear things relating to bachelor and bachelorette party's that state "their last night as a single".  Hopefully they have been taken for a while now and they aren't meeting someone at these events and then marrying them.

We are in the home stretch of everything wedding and it is incredibly fun.  It is often said that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you can do.  If it is then perhaps you're doing it wrong or those around you are forgetting this is your day not theirs.  We are having a blast.  Mom and I struck gold today with regards to our wedding favors!  They were a true beach find.  I am so excited to start crafting them in the next few weeks.  It seems like many things in this wedding involve shimmer or glitter.  Poor Eddie keeps finding glitter on himself.  He is not as pleased as me to find glitter in his hair. 

I feel bad for those that sit near me at work because for the next several weeks I am going to be a ball of energy and a very "Chatty Kathy" or Chatty Caitlin in my case.  I am always chatty, but throw in wedding fun and you may as well place a fashionable (perhaps hot pink Zebra striped) piece of duct tape across my mouth. 

Next weekend I get to have bridal shower #2.  I love seeing all the women from my past and present in one room.  Everyone sharing stories and intermingling makes for a fabulous time. Also, it allows everyone to get better antiquated prior to the wedding to avoid awkwardness that day.  Everyone will know someone and enjoy the evening more.

We sent out our invitations this week and I am absolutely in love with them.  If you are planning a wedding or any event I strongly recommend using the same place I did.  I'd be happy to share their name.  Also, I was dreading feeding all the envelopes through the printer to make the addresses all pretty especially since I write like a 6 year old.  We attended to a wedding last summer and they had hired someone to do their addresses for them.  I LOVED the idea and asked for a recommendation.  The sweetest older lady who "just love(s) writing"  runs a small business from her home addressing stationary.  She was amazing and efficient and had a great eye when it came to catching errors on the list I gave her.

I have decided for the most part to only assign tables at the wedding and not specific seats except when it comes to the head table.  We will be having the entire bridal party and their dates at one giant table.  I hate when dates are sat at another table.  It can be awkward and uncomfortable.  Soon I get to play who sits with who and plan the tables for the groups of people.  I want to intermix everyone a little bit so that everyone wants to get up and socialize and most importantly DANCE DANCE DANCE.  I am not skilled at dancing, but cannot wait to just have fun the whole night with Eddie and all of our loved ones.

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