Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There's always room for JELLO

Only one more day of work between me and a wonderful weekend with my girls!  Poor Eddie has two more days.  I have had the worst time concentrating this week.  Between confirming RSVPs, confirming the limo for the guys, cleaning, and packing I could make "To Do" lists for days.

I am glad so many people have sent in their RSVP.  It is terribly hard to get anyone to confirm plans these days.  Society has gotten used to saying yes, but meaning maybe and saying no, but still showing.  In formal occasions people have to know a definite yes or no.  It has such a large affect on every detail.  It effects, seating, favors, food, booze, etc.  Facebook events (as much as I love them) have killed the traditional invite, but please NEVER create a facebook event to invite your wedding guests.

Eddie kept telling me all week there was no need to clean, that the guys wouldn't care.  Every girl knows your house is a reflection of you.  And even though guys "dont care"  I am sure it would raise and eyebrow or two if our apartment was covered in laundry, shoes, and dishes while they were trying to pregame. Also,  I am washing extra blankets and sheets so anyone who needs can crash at our place. During cleaning tonight I made jello shots as my gift to the guys.  Since most jello is half boiling water & half cold water I simply replace the amount of cold water with a different liquid.  They are called jello SHOTS for a reason.

Tomorrow night Emily and I are finishing gathering everything for the weekend and baking.  I already have two totes going down with us but to be fair they are filled with gifts, beverages, and "must have" foods for the weekend festivities.  Mainly all that's left is packing up the dog to go to my parents.  I figured it wasn't fair to leave Eddie to take care of her while he is also trying to celebrate.  A dog is very similar to having a kid and so just like kids our pup is going to her grandparents for the weekend!

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