Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T-minus 18 days and counting

So very excited that the day is so near, but there is so much to do between then and now.  I cannot imagine if I had procrastinated.  Now I know why people become "bridzillas".  They are probably just ladies who did not invest in a Lilly planner and thus did not get things done ahead of time.

We need to get our marriage license still.  Obviously the courthouse isn't open when we are off work because that would make life too easy.  It is quite confusing to me that you must have a license to get married, to drive, to open a business, etc; but to have a baby and raise a child no one has to have a license?  Perhaps we are missing something there.

The bachelorette weekend was quite relaxing and fun.  I am not the girl who wants to head out to a male review or act a fool in a bar and think it is okay as long as I yell " I'M GETTING MARRIED" at the top of my lungs.  I enjoyed spending time with some ladies I don't get to see all the time because we are working and going to school.  It isn't really your last night as a single.  Your last night as a single was the night before you started dating the person you are about to marry.

On Sunday I attended my final bridal shower.  It was filled with my sorority sisters, past coworkers, and friends.  It was a pinterest and pearls theme. Very cute decorations including labeled mason jar glasses and a giant banner that said "Soon-to-be-Mrs.-G."  A bunch of the bridesmaids made delicious food.  It is so nice to feel all the love from those around you and to be able to share your joy and excitement with them.  This is a once in a lifetime milestone and I am enjoying every moment.  I feel bad for the women that "can't wait for it to be over"  they are too stressed.  This is a time of celebration not stress. 

Waiting until the last minute will kill you every time.  Planning and sending notice out early of wedding events ensures more people can attend and no one feels left out.  Plan out your crafting time so you aren't doing it the night before your big day.  Take advantage of your resources and free time you have in the months prior to your wedding or any event.  Some people may say its too early to buy things or do things, but the earlier you do them the less stress you have.  Also, breaking up the monetary expenses is kinder on your wallet.

ODU had an amazing game Saturday and we got to watch the last half (best half) from the comfort of the Big Blue Club.  I was amazed at the new way of pouring beverages.  There are magnets at the bottoms of the cups so they fill from the bottom and then the magnet seals them.  After the game mom and I finished table and seating assignments.  Th rehearsal dinner will have table and seating assignments since there are about 43 people we will be fitting into 6 tables.  I want everyone to have a great time and those who may not know many people to feel comfortable with who they are sitting with.  At the wedding we got all the table assignments done (everyone can pick their seat) and we got the seating assignments done for the head table. We tried to intermingle some of our friends so that no one would feel left out or awkward.  We want everyone to meet and greet and dance and have an awesome time with us.

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