Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10 days left

My grandparents arrived on Monday and the wedding fun kicked off.  I love having them here and hate that they live so far away.  They celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary tonight and it is so inspiring.  To see a couple so in love so very many years later.  Eddie and I both have grandparents that have been married for over 50 years.  We are hoping to have some of their great marriage luck rub off on us.  To help us with that luck we are incorporating a tradition from each couple into our wedding.  We will be cutting out cake with my grandparents' wedding knife.  It has their initials engraved and will soon have ours added.  We are using Ed's grandparents' wedding cup to toast from.  The story says that if you drink without spilling your marriage will be full of love.

We have been so blessed and touched by everyone's generosity.  We have received such lovely gifts that we cannot wait to use in our home as husband and wife.  It is great to know that every time we use a certain item we will think of the person(s) who gave it to us.  My grandfather told me there is some silly rule about not giving knives as gifts.  He and I agreed that is just plain silly and everyone needs knives.  Wouldn't ya know he gave us our set tonight.  Made me giggle.   We have been receiving pieces of our china left and right.  I can't wait to think of each of my aunts every time we use it and about family friends.  Ed's stepmom and dad sent up several large boxes with a bunch of our china in them.  We owe them a meal or two!  I cannot wait to serve our family meals for decades to come.  Every time my mother pulls  out her china she shares a story about whomever gave that piece to her.  We will be able to do the same and it is exciting.

We had our last meeting prior to the wedding with our pastor.  She is an amazing woman who is very inspiring and very confident in us.  Premarriage counseling was a wonderful experience.  Whether it be with a pastor, counselor, or any other unbiased third party it is worth it for every couple to share in that experience. She was floored because most people come across a topic or two they hadn't thought of, but Eddie and I talk about everything and have a game plan.  She couldn't believe how well we communicate and how in sync we are especially being such different personalities.  Its nice to know she believes so strongly in us and our love for one another.

This week has been theme week at work.  It has been nice to have something entertaining during a week that is seemingly taking its sweet time to pass.  Friday I will be up at 5am baking my buffalo chicken roll ups.   I got the recipe online and then changes it a bit.  Boil and shred chicken breasts and mix with a cup of blue cheese dressing, a cup of franks hot sauce, a cup of your favorite shredded cheese, and 8 oz cream cheese and mix together.  Then take egg roll wraps and wrap them up spray with canola oil and bake until golden.  they are addicting! I am so excited for next week to arrive.  I want to enjoy every activity and cherish every moment.  This week I have been getting emails and texts with fun messages filled with love a good thoughts for our upcoming nuptials.  Its so special to know others are excited for us and want us to succeed.

Mom and I went into a store the other day and the cashier was making small talk and we mentioned we were wedding shopping.  The girl rolled her eyes and said to me "oh so I bet you are a total wreck and freaking out on everyone aren't you?"  First of all that is no way to make a sale.  I simply smiled and said "not so much".  I actually am quite fine.  I love to plan and have time lines and lists and truly a wedding shouldn't be stressful.  It does take time and money management, but it is fun.  Picking out colors, vendors, gifts, wedding guests, etc is all an exciting event that is leading to a life changing moment.  I know many say that marriage doesn't change anything.  I feel bad for those who believe that.  It does change things.  It makes you someone's wife or husband.  You vow in front of everyone to love, honor, and cherish.  No matter what anyone says marriage is a different experience and shouldn't be treated the same as your live-in other half.  This is your spouse for eternity.  You will build a home with them and a life with them.  I am so excited to do that with Eddie.

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