Sunday, October 21, 2012


The best day of my life so far.  It went perfectly.  It was so nice to see it all come together and see everyone we love and have an amazing time. 

The fun started when my grandparents arrived.  We created 20 "welcome buckets" for hotel guests.  They were so fun to create.  I glittered wine and champagne bottles and then we also got popcorn and Tylenol and covered the water bottle labels in patterned duct tape. 

My god mother hosted a beautiful bridal luncheon at Sonoma Wine Bar in Town Center.  It was great to have so many women in my life come together.  Everyone told stories and of course we are all a bunch of girls so we started crying.  The food and wine were AMAZING!

We did a fun nail party with all the girls.  It was more fun bonding and girl time.  It also allowed everyone to have time to get their nails all pretty for the wedding. 

Our rehearsal dinner was great.  Everyone had such a fun time.  We tried to intermingle people so everyone could meet someone new if possible.  We gave all of our parents gifts to thank them for everything.  We gave our dads unique cuff links that were of their hobbies.  We gave our mothers earrings with their birthstones.  We also gave our wedding party their gifts.  We gave all the guys signs for their homes.  Some were personalized like "Jay's guitar lounge" and some were funny like " A man's gotta believe in something & I believe I'll have another drink".  The girls all got bags embroidered with their initial.  Inside the bag was a personalized matching makeup bag and a coffee tumbler and Starbucks gift card, tissues for the next day, & hand sanitizer, Tylenol, & band-aids.   We toasted with my great great grandparents 50th wedding anniversary cup.  It was very funny because one after another about 10 people stood up giving sweet or hysterical toasts.

The day of our wedding was great.  I remember everyone saying to cherish every moment of the day and days leading to the wedding and that is what I tried to do.  I tried to stay in the moment and really absorb everything.  We had a blast getting ready and then to see him at the end of the aisle was the best.  We both made it through the vows with only a few teary eyes.  I didn't want to be that bride sobbing through her vows haha.  The night was a blast.  TONS & TONS of dancing and people in the photo booth and eating and drinking.  So much fun and the room was filled with love and happiness.  We had the best time and feel very blessed.

The honeymoon was so much fun.  I managed to forget all my dresses at home and bikinis aren't dinner attire so we "had to" shop hehe. I really did laugh at the fact that I had prepacked everything, but left them hanging in the closet in their bag.  I also managed to have a bruise on my chest from my necklace bouncing from dancing.  On the cruise we went snorkeling and discovered Atlantis.  It was nice to go out of the port here.  Cutting out flying was a major benefit.

Today we organized all of our wonderful gifts.  All the china is staying safe at my moms until we move as well as extra fun things we don't have room for here.  We are hoping to buy a home this winter and then can utilize everything.  We used gift cards and money to get a few things we hadn't gotten like the keurig.  So much fun to be able to tell people exactly what we used their stuff for.  We are stunned by how generous everyone was.  We are so excited to build our home together. 

I am making my first crock pot stew tomorrow since we both caught a cold upon returning home.  I wonder if that was a sign to stay on vacation.  I have to do all the name change stuff tomorrow.  Guys are lucky when it comes to that.  DMV lines here I come woohoo!


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