Saturday, October 6, 2012

Glitter Glitter Everywhere

Game plan is to have EVERYTHING done this weekend so that we can enjoy this week ahead.  It has been nice to have some help.  As much as I love crafting, it can become tedious.

At one week until the big day I am getting so excited.  More family arrives this week.  It is an added bonus to life events that you get to see lots of family and friends that you may not always get to see.

I do suggest  cleaning your whole house and do all you laundry (including sheets, towels,etc.) a week before your wedding.  In the midst of running in and out and having things to do a cluttered house can only add anxiety.  Having it all set keeps for a calmer environment and lessens the probability of forgetting something. 

Most of our wedding things are at my mother's house.  I do not know what we would do if she hadn't opened her house like this.  Currently it is filled with gifts, welcome baskets we made, favors, wedding party gifts, table markers, etc.  Its nice to have a home base for it all.  Plus she has more space to get things done.

We are going to church in the morning.  Our last Sunday as "singles".  Last Sunday our pastor congratulated  a couple celebrating 60 years and announced our upcoming nuptials.  It was great to get so many well wishes. 

I have had people ask what I am going to do next after the wedding.  Well in regards to this blog I am going to keep discussing becoming Mrs. Granger.  We still have a lot of "firsts" to experience together.  Also, we will be house hunting for a home of our own soon and that opens a whole new adventure.  No matter what is next I cannot wait to spend it with my husband.

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