Thursday, September 6, 2012


First rule:  When your work goes back to regular dress code after a summer of casual and you begin wearing heels again you MUST remember band-aids to sooth your soon to be achy feet.  I love my shoes but sometimes they don't love me back.  Eventually we come to an understanding of I won't hurt them if they won't hurt me, but until then its band-aids to the rescue.

Today we got our first not attending RSVPs.  Everyone, who couldn't attend added a sweet note wishing Eddie and I a lifetime of love and happiness.  That just filled our hearts with love.  Sometimes the reason and meaning for a wedding is over looked.  Weddings have become events and thought of as parties. The sacred traditions get shoved to the back.  All anyone can remember is the cake and the dancing and sometimes they don't remember the most inmportant parts like vowing to always love and cherish.  A wedding is when two souls are so in love and so connected that they cannot be apart.  Two people pledge their love, their loyalty, their trust, and their friendship from now into eternity in front of family, friends, and god. 

This is a day when the only people who should attend are those who wish you both well.  People with positive energy and who support the joining of your two lives and two families into one.  No one is entitled to an invite and sometimes that can lead to hurt feelings.  There is no rule book about who to invite, what you have to do, who has what "job" in the wedding.  Each couple gets to make and design the perfect day for them.

You can't invite everyone you ever met unless money in no object.  Weddings can get pricey so be sure you are selecting guests carefully.  Make sure they love you both.  Make sure they want to celebrate not only with you, but also for you.  This isn't simply one giant party where everyone you know attends.  Yes, it can be an amazing party but that is after you make a lifetime commitment to the love of your life.  It is a serious act and you want people who take it seriously to witness this wonderful moment in your lives.

This evening we got to enjoy NEVER ENDING PASTA.  So good, but such false advertising.  It does end because eventually you are so full you can't even stand up.  Eddie's mom met us and we had a great time talking.  It is always great to be able to catch up and share a meal with family members for no reason other than to see one another.  It doesn't have to be a holiday or event to spend time with family. 

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