Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall is in the Air

Football, chilly mornings, and the over abundant posts about pumpkin spiced anything can only mean one thing..FALL!  I am totally up for fall to be here as long as it waits until Sunday.  This weekend Ed and I both have our Bachelor/bachelorette parties.  We are in need of warm weather please.  I never know why these kinds or parties get such stigmas and become taboo to talk about.  I am excited and so is Ed.  He is spending the day here and going our with friends.  I am leaving town with some amazing ladies and then Sunday he and I will catch each other up on our weekend shenanigans. 

My computer is my life.  Yes I back things up on email and a hard drive but still whenever there is a malfunction I panic.  Last night I went to add the latest RSVPs to our spreadsheet, but my laptop wouldn't turn on and then Ed's crashed on me.  His is now fixed and we had to take mine in.  The power cord was dead.  I had to wait in a line to be registered to now wait in another line to then be told one moment to then be told that would be $79.99.  FABULOUS.  The lovely gentleman did come to my rescue though and found a forgotten about cord behind the counter and spared me and my $79.99 from having to part ways.

If the frustrating computers weren't annoying enough we woke up this morning to a non functioning Keurig.  This did give me an excuse for Starbucks, but driving with only one eye open is probably not what DMV wants you to do.  After the computer was fixed we took the broken Keurig back and easy as 1,2,3 they gave us a new one and FREE coffee and then of course I bought coffee because I'm a snob and need MY preferred morning caffeine fix. 

This past weekend I got to catch up on some much needed sun in my life.  I got to meet Elle's sister and have a great girls day on the bay.  I had wanted to continue the fun by laughing at Karaoke with them later that evening, but I party so hard I was in bed by 630pm.  Dang migraines make themselves known at the most inconvenient times.

Sunday was a sweet bridal shower.  Literally there were tons of SWEETS.  Chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, and Chex mix.  Red velvet mini cakes and petite fours.  So many yummies that I brought a bunch into work to put a little pep in the step of Monday.  It was great to see everyone and Ed's mom and Mutti both were able to join.  It was great to share stories and acquaint everyone prior to the wedding itself.

Coming home and being able to have all the windows open while I finalize wedding plans is great.  Fresh air throughout the house and the sounds of crickets chirping are two of the most relaxing things in the evening.  Soon I have to finish up favors.  I have about half done and want to finish the other half before this weekend's endeavors.  I hope Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday are pals and fly by for us.

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