Thursday, January 30, 2014


Eddie and I are trying to eat healthier.  Less potatoes and more veggies.  Less candy and more fruit.  I don't know how I would do it without pinterest!  Such great ideas!  We are both OBSESSED with potatoes.  One of the best substitutions is cauliflower.  Once steamed it takes on any flavor you mix with it.

Here is a new favorite recipe:

Loaded cauliflower (I use less cheese, bacon, & sour cream.  I used extra green onions)

While waiting for Tuesday nights snow fall we tried spaghetti squash.  Ed wasn't too pleased, but I liked it.  I always like some warm comfort food when it snows.  We hardly ever get snow, but this week was crazy.


Another great thing about the snow is I get to craft.  I love scrap booking.  Sure we have facebook, old myspace accounts, email, etc holding thousands of pictures, but it isn't the same.  As quickly as technology is developing it is also becoming obsolete.   Our kids will have the newest version of our generations social media then what?  
Scrapbooks can be passed down.  It shows your family something about your life.  We all wish we new more about our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc in their younger years.  This way we can leave some of that behind.  Not every photo you own belongs on the internet.  Once kids are in the picture I plan to sensor a lot more of what I post.  No matter how "strict" your security settings are a creeper is a creeper and they know how to creep.  The world doesn't need to see the first photos of my child nor every major or minor milestone.  Scrapbooks allow us to go crazy and still keep life safe.  What if your kid runs for president one day?  Do you really want his opponent to be able to bring up the picture of their first time on the potty or your post about them as teenager doing something wrong?  I can leave notes in scrapbooks and keep track of history.  Its fun to sit and look at adventures Eddie and I had when we first started dating and reminisce with friends about old college parties while looking through the books.

I stole an idea from pinterest and hang them on the wall.  It allows them to be seen more and adds pops of color and print to a room! 

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