Sunday, March 24, 2013

And so it Begins!

Eddie and I have both been working lots trying to make any extra money.  I am so proud to have a husband that works and hard as he does.  I worked until about 1 Saturday and then instead of dragging Ed all around after work I went to different stores with my mom and brought options home to him.

We are going to lay new carpet in The family/dining room, living room, stairs, 4th room, and our room.  I found great carpet at Lowe's. I wanted carpet that had a little variation in the color so you can't see every little piece of dirt.  Ed's job results in dirty shoes and unless I followed him with a vacuum I loose.  So this seems like a great solution.  It will be great to for whenever we decide to have kids because they are messy little creatures too.  We are also painting a few rooms.  Most have great colors already, but we will be painting the family/dining room and adding bead board as well as repainting the guest room, and Ed wants to paint the man cave too.  The master, the 4th room, the living room, & the kitchen have wonderful color choices already.  We agreed on the family/dining room and guest room, but have to go back for more man cave colors!

Now begins the packing process!  I have had some amazing friends help out with box and newspaper donations.  We found out to check out the "donated" boxes section at the U-Haul places too.  Other than boxes I am a big believer in using suitcases.  We will wait on our hanging clothes and throw them in a comforter and lug them like that over to the new place.  We have a month and a half so we can slowly move and unpack something prior to the big furniture being brought in.

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