Saturday, March 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home

And its OURS!!!!  We completed the walk through as well as signed the one million pages restating over and over that it was our house and we would pay for it.  I almost felt like asking for a moment of silence for all the slain trees on that one document.  Our agent was AMAZING and anyone looking or selling in the area please ask me for her contact information.  She made this whole process comfortable and fun!

Ed's birthday was a success.  After we signed I picked up my mother along with folding chairs and a table.  We grabbed mini cheesecakes and tarts from Whole Foods and some birthday decor and made the empty house into a mini party place.  It helped that my Aunt sent us two balloon collections.  One was Congrats on the new house and one was Happy Birthday for Eddie!

We met up at Mexican with friends and family for a great dinner and then went back to the decorated house for everyone to see and to give Eddie his gifts.  My mother had a Rhino painting (Ed's favorite animal since he was a little kid) commissioned for him.  His mother got him a gorgeous ladder ball set.  It is made of very pretty wood.  I got him a globe bar for the man cave.

His mother and grandparents gave us such sweet house warming gifts.  They are very precious and so special. This neighborhood is so friendly.  My car was in the driveway 10 minutes and two separate neighbors dropped in after seeing a different car and wanted to introduce themselves!

Today began home improvement.  We bought paint for a bunch of the rooms!  I am so lucky to have sisters and friends volunteering to help us paint over the next few weeks.  We are also painting  the closets and trim to brighten up all the white.  Eddie is going to rebuild our pantry and then on to improving the garage and the backyard.  We hope to have a housewarming this summer, but we won't be doing most of the yard until the fall.

I also kept on packing and found some great old books that I am putting up in our 4th room for all the kids to play in at family gatherings and for when we have a kid eventually.

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