Monday, March 25, 2013

Longest week

This is going to be the longest week! So excited to sign on Friday.

I have been multitasking to stay busy. Ed and I LOVE banana bread so I made muffins.  The box stuff is great, but they're even better if you add some apple sauce, fresh bananas, and a tablespoon of vanilla extract!

I FINALLY finished all of our Easter cars.  I am hugely addicted to snail mail.  Formal invites and paper cards are more personal to me then text messages, evites, and facebook.  In the digital age a little old school can be refreshing.  Plus the stickers are great and it especially allows me to catch up with my grandparents and extended family members who aren't attached to their computers like some of us are.

And so the packing has started.  We began with the DVD and VHS collection along with books.  I am dividing things up based on what rooms they will go to in the new house.  Normally all of our movies stay together, but our niece gave us a suggestion.  We have a spare 4th room.  We were leaving it empty until we decide to have a kid.  We new we could use it as another guest room.  Bella suggested a toy room. At first we thought we had no toys, but then realized she was brilliant.  We have old Disney movies, my old dolls, etc so we are storing all of that in the spare room so when we have family gatherings if its raining or kids don't want to play outside they have a space to color and play and have some fun away from us stuffy adults.

Day 1 down!  Come on Friday!!!!

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