Saturday, April 13, 2013


IN LOVE WITH OUR NEW FLOORS!!!  We had them installed today and the house looks so amazingly different.

Riping up the new floor showed some floors underneath we didn't know about

The finished products are awesome!  It's worth investing in good flooring and never by the cheapest padding.  You want at least a step up and one with a moisture barrier.  You may get the spill up on the surface, but without a moisture barrier you could get growth underneath from it leaking through.

We put dark Walnut laminate downstairs and carpet in the hall and master bedroom!  Love how soft the carpet is!

I highly recommend this tiny paint roller form DOLLAR TREE.  It saved us painting around the banister on the stairs.  One of the best tools we had.

Eddie sure is getting his workout from his "honey-do" list.  He creates half for himself.  Family is helping so much!

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