Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Funday

We took a break from home improving, but it was time to get back to it.  We move in a few weeks.  Once we move it we will still have things such as a back splash to add and a fire pit to dig.  In a few years I really want to redo the master bathroom!

There are somethings such as the floors and painting we want done for move in.  We are giving all the closets a fresh coat of paint and today we painted our spare room.  We are using it as a kid play room until we have a kid and need a room for them.  There are 13 kids in our family and this way there is a place for them to play and be loud and we can put all our old childhood stuff in the room.

We were going to paint a chalk board on the wall, but then Ed decided to just have us paint one whole wall.  After painting we realized the other wall had been chalk board painted previously so now they have a whole room.  However,  the chalk flows onto the floor so Eddie will be building something around the base boards to catch it all.

Mix unsanded tile grout in with paint!

Turns out this wall was already painted in chalkboard paint!

Afterwards we decided to do a little yard work while we waited on pizza.  Gigi calls it "lab" work.  We wanted to remove the dead shrubs.  We will plant a little for this summer, but in the fall we are killing the yard and restarting since it hasn't been taken care of.  Ed's mom was lining all of our cabinets while we were doing all of this.  I am so excited because I hate lining stuff.

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