Saturday, April 6, 2013

Painting Day!

YAAAY  Maggie came home.  Poor pup had been getting sick in the house and if a dog is sick for more than 24 hours you should take them to the vet ASAP!  We have to change her diet and give her a few pills, but she should be A-okay now!

I am still trying to scrub the paint off of my hands and arms!

Today was a major leap towards the home of our own the way that we want.  Eddie spent the day demoing some of the garage and soon he will be building the shelves and what not how he wants.

Some fabulous women helped paint.  First up was covering the horrible purple in the guest room so that we can paint it mint green tomorrow.

Next was painting the mancave and completing the stairs for the fabulous print!!

Finally we started on the family room!!! We will finish tomorrow with some other friends.  We are so thankful for all of the help and are so very lucky!

Then our Realtor dropped of some gorgeous tables for us and Ed's mom and Mutti came by and so did my parents.  Such a fun day!

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